Scimitar - 6.5x3.5 Propeller

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Features a scimitar-shaped blade with swept tips and under-cambered blades. Provide great speed, thrust and noise suppression. Perfect for high performance models. Made of Glass Fiber Reinforced Composite. Available in sizes 6" to 16".

Propeller diameter 6.5" / 165mm
Propeller pitch 3.5" / 89mm
Hub thickness 5/16" / 7.9mm
Shaft diameter 1/8" - 3/16" / 3.18mm - 4.76mm *
Propeller Weight 0.24oz / 6.8g
Direction of rotation Normal / Tractor
Material Glass Fiber R Composite
Color Black


* prepared for versatile shaft diameters. For more information check the shaft diameter guide here