How Its Made - Model Airplane Propeller Manufacturing


Propeller Advanced Manufacturing - Design stage


The Design stage is one of the most important stages for any product, no matter the industry. However, particularly in Aerospace Propeller Manufacturing, the design stage is a question of life or death. We use some of the most advanced methods for airfoil selection and adjustment, blade geometry carving and CFD (computational flow dynamic) simulations to ensure utmost efficiency and performance.


Injection Mold Manufacturing


A high precision tooling is manufactured for the particular blade design/size which will be used consecutively for mass production. All operations are performed in-house to ensure tolerances of up to 2 microns (0.00008"). An advanced milling patterns and techniques are used both for forming the parting line and the blade cavities so a perfect weight balance is achieved in the production stage.


Propeller Mass Production


State-of-the-art equipment is used for the manufacturing processes at Master Airscrew factory. A fully automated production cycle with constant monitoring on key processing parameters is in place. Each propeller is carefully handled to meet MAS's high standards.