About Us

Master Airscrew Props


Founded by the U.S. Navy test pilot Frederick Templeton Jamieson (1928-2009), Windsor Propeller company (est.1978) is specialized in manufacturing high quality Model Aircraft propellers from Glass Fiber Reinforced Composite, Maple and Beach wood. All company products are designed and manufactured under the registered brand name MASTER AIRSCREW in California, USA.


First Master Airscrew Propellers developed in 1976


With more than 3 decades of expertise, Master Airscrew is one of the most recognized brands of Model Aircraft propellers and accessories worldwide. Precisely carved or injection molded, Windsor Propeller's blades have exceptional efficiency and low noise profile.


Master Airscrew - Reborn


Starting in 2015, we have made a significant investment in brand new, state of the art manufacturing equipment from worlds most renown providers including fully computer operated Injection molding machines, 5 axis milling centers, CNC programed lathes, automated production monitoring and quality control peripheral equipment. We have completely redesigned our manufacturing processes and tooling, having utmost precision of less than ten thousands of an inch.


Product Range


Our extensive propeller range comprises of more than 200 blade designs, grouped in 8 product series based on application, size and characteristics. From light electric motors to 4 stroke gas and glow engines, we can satisfy almost every pilot's requirement.  Propellers available from 5 to 24 inches in pusher and tractor configurations for twin engine aircrafts and multi copters. 


Master Airscrew - Dominant Propellers 


Our products are proudly named Master Airscrew. Originating from the Latin word "Magnus", the word "Master" denotes dominant and great. "Airscrew" is a technical term for a propeller. It is a combination of the two words "Screw" and "Air". Master Airscrew means a dominant, supreme propeller which always outperforms its rivals in any flight or combat.