DJI Spark STEALTH Upgrade Propellers - x4 Green

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Low-noise, high performance STEALTH Propellers for DJI Spark. A genuine upgrade for your aircraft.

Upgrade your DJI SPARK for quiet operation, long flight time and improved performance.


Available in: Black, Red, Green, Amber Yellow, and Aqua Blue

Compatible with: DJI Spark

Aircraft noise is reduced with up to -3.0dB representing almost 50% noise power reduction. Lower pitch sound is less noticeable and disturbing. *Nominal values compared to DJI OEM propellers.

Vibrant color options for better visibility and improved safety. Easier navigation with enhanced situational awareness. Perfect propeller upgrade for both beginners and professionals.

Solid, non-foldable, single piece design enhance aircraft flight stability and performance. Lower micro vibrations level improve image quality and video smoothness.

"Quick-release" color coded design allows you to swap propellers within seconds. Full compatibility with existing DJI Spark accessories* Non-foldable design may require propeller removal for some storage and carrying cases. Fully compatible with propeller guards.



Propeller diameter 4.7" / 119mm
Propeller pitch 2.9" / 74mm
Propeller Weight
0.078oz / 2.2g
Package Weight
1.00oz / 28.0g
Direction of rotation 2 CW and 2 CCW in the Set
Material Glass Fiber R Composite
Color Green

What's included in the box?

2 CW and 2 CCW Propellers
Master Airscrew Carrying Pouch
Master Airscrew Logo Stickers
Safety instructions sheet

 "DJI Mavic" is a trademark of SZ DJI Technology Co., Ltd

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