DJI Mavic Pro & Platinum STEALTH Upgrade Propellers - x4 White

DJI Mavic PRO & Platinum STEALTH Upgrade Propellers - x4 - WHITE - Master Airscrew

$ 22.99


Performance propellers for DJI Mavic PRO & PLATINUM

Upgrade your DJI MAVIC for quiet operation, long flight time and high performance.

Our MAVIC Premium Propellers feature advanced airfoil design and optimized blade geometry for smooth, forgiving flight and long motor life, yet brings out all the power of your drone at your fingertips. With some extra focus on efficiency and noise reduction Master Airscrew MAVIC propellers gives an additional comfort and ease of use for hobby and professional users.

Foldable structure with quick release, color coded propeller hubs ensure lightning fast installation.

Available in: Black, White and Orange.

Compatible with: Mavic PRO and Mavic Platinum



Propeller diameter 8.3" / 211mm
Propeller pitch 4.4" / 112mm
Propeller Weight
0.31oz / 8.8g
Package Weight
2.00oz / 57.0g
Direction of rotation 2 CW and 2 CCW in the Set
Material Glass Fiber R Composite
Color Premium White


The set includes: 4 propellers (2CW and 2CCW), carry double-layered pouch and safety sheet.




* hover

Master Airscrew

Mavic Upgrade Propellers

DJI Mavic

Platinum Low-Noise

DJI Mavic

Pro Propellers

dB hover 73 dB 75 dB 78 dB
RPMs hover 5585 RPMs 6154 RPMs 6693 RPMs


+4% +2% 0%


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