DJI FPV Ludicrous Upgrade Propeller Set x4 Orange

DJI FPV Ludicrous Upgrade Propeller Set x4 Orange


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Upgrade Propellers

An exciting increase of speed and acceleration, more flight time, better handling and high speed racing now sounds just about right. 
Upgrading your drone has never been easier! Simply swap the props of your DJI FPV and you are good to go.


In addition to the Ludicrous DJI FPV upgrade propellers we have developed the Ludicrous +PLUS series to further enhance flight satisfaction and improve durability for even more demanding drone pilotsThe Ludicrous +PLUS series is manufactured from a high impact resistant engineered polycarbonate providing extra strength and a super cool transparent look. Available in 3 colors - Blue, Orange and Lime to complement the existing Ludicrous series.

Available Colors in LUDICROUS +PLUS:

Available Colors in LUDICROUS:





Up to 11% Increase in horizontal flight speed. Taking performance to the next level. *Nominal values compared to DJI OEM propellers. 




13% Increased ascent speed - perfect for extreme stunts and performance flights. *Nominal values compared to DJI OEM propellers measured in M mode with no GPS limitations.




Up to 2% longer flight time compared to DJI OEM propellers due to the improved blade efficiency. Lower Power consumption for long lasting hardware.
 *Performance may vary depending on flight conditions.



Improved Responsiveness and Agility help to better navigate through tough terrains and complicated stunts. Plus you get some extra power for unexpected situations.


We believe that racing should sound like racing. Test the mesmerizing sound of flying at 100 miles per hour!


Vibrant color options for better visibility and improved safety. Easier navigation with enhanced situational awareness. Perfect propeller upgrade for both beginners and professionals.


Special care has been taken to ensure full portability and compatibility with the DJI FPV and all existing DJI Accessories.

Finally: A Drone with no limits, worthy of our performance propellers!
Showing off how better our props actually perform on a third party camera drone can be a tough job when the quad is so much limited in speed, acceleration, cruise altitude and basically every other aspect of the flight envelope. Max speed is always GPS controlled, ascent and descent rates are within limits, prop loading should be always within safety boundaries, etc, etc.

Now, for the first time, we can actually have a DJI Racing Drone with M mode - no limits. 
M, meaning unleash all that power and actually utilize the best performance props we have out there - LUDICROUS!

What's included in the box?

Everything you need for your DJI FPV Upgrade, including:

  • x2 CW and x2 CCW Propellers



What is the difference between Ludicrous and Ludicrous +Plus series?

The main difference between Ludicrous and Ludicrous +PLUS series is the material we use for manufacturing the props. While the original Ludicrous propellers use our traditional engineered glass fiber polyamide for strength and rigidity, the Ludicrous +PLUS propellers are produced from a high impact resistant engineered polycarbonate resulting in more flex, almost unbreakable blades with an unique transparent cool look. The blades are completely interchangeable with the original Ludicrous series and share all the performance advantages in terms of speed and efficiency.

How do you achieve higher speed?

The Master Airscrew propellers for DJI FPV are carefully designed to optimize the performance of the quad. Our blades provide improved efficiency and less drag than the OEM props resulting in improved high speed in both horizontal and vertical direction with and amazing 11% and 13% respectively.

How do you achieve longer flight time?

It's all about efficiency. Our team has more than 40 years of experience designing and manufacturing propellers for Model Airplanes and Drones. We have designed the DJI FPV LUDICROUS propellers carefully selecting the perfect airfoils and propeller geometry for this drone. As a result, our props have better efficiency and drain less power during flight allowing additional about 2% of flight time per battery.

Made in USA?

We are one of the few Model Airplane and Drone manufacturers actually located in the US. Our manufacturing facility is located in Rancho Cordova, California.

Are the  FPV LUDICROUS Propellers a direct replacement to the stock DJI propellers?

Yes, DJI FPV LUDICROUS Upgrade Propellers are engineered to be a direct replacement of the stock DJI propellers and further enhance your drone capabilities.

Can I use different propeller colors together?

Yes, you can mix several propeller colors as long as you use the same type and brand propellers for all 4 motors. 

How many propellers are in one set?

With each set of FPV LUDICROUS Upgrade Propellers you will get total of 4 propellers - 2 CW propellers (4 CW blades) and 2 CCW propellers (4 CCW blades) with a full set of screws and a screw driver. One propeller set is all you need for your DJI FPV Upgrade.

Why the FPV LUDICROUS Propellers have glossy surface?

For efficiency and performance purposes. Smooth and even surfaces decrease drag and improve propeller efficiency.

What about shipping and delivery?

We aim to have all of our products constantly on stock, ready for immediate dispatch. Shipping is usually performed same or next business day. We work with most carriers including USPS, UPS, Fedex and DHL.  Once a package leaves our factory, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with tracking number.

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