AUTEL X-Star Built-in Nut Upgrade Propellers - MR AU 9.4x5 Set x4 Yellow

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Color: Yellow
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Limited Color Edition

Performance propellers for AUTEL X-Star with Built-In Nut

Upgrade your AUTEL X-Star for improved performance, longer flight time and quiet operation. These premium propellers have built-in nuts for easy and straightforward installation.

Regularly available in Black and White... and now in Limited Yellow color.

Checkout the MR Series - Performance Data here 


Propeller diameter 9.4" / 238.8mm
Propeller pitch 5" / 127mm
Shaft diameter 8mm
Hub thickness 9.5mm
Propeller Weight
0.38oz / 10.7g
Package Weight
3.70oz / 105.0g
Direction of rotation 2 CW and 2 CCW in the Set
Material Glass Fiber R Composite
Color Yellow


Compatible also with: Hubsan H109S X4 Pro, iEagle Explorer, Cheerson CX20, Xiro Xplorer and other multi rotors using 9.4” propellers and M6 threaded motor shaft. Referred as 9450.

The set includes: 4 propellers (2CW and 2CCW), carry pouch, cleaning cloth and safety sheet.

"AUTEL X-Star" is a trademark of Autel Intelligent Technology Corp., Ltd.

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