3X Power - 13x12 Propeller (CW) Rev./Pusher Green

3X Power - 13x12 Propeller (CW) Rev./Pusher Green

$ 14.88

X Power Propellers for Unprecedented Performance

Designed for high speed and ultimate performance, the X Power Propeller Series creates a class of its own. Massively adopted in BIG Drone Racing Leagues - X Class, Beast Class and professional cinematic heavy lifting drones, powering some of the most expensive cameras available today, the X Power Propeller Series is the preferred choice for all pilots looking for dependability and undeniable performance.

Designed from ground zero with a radical approach and exceptional focus on track agility during all race stages. Carefully selected airfoils and profile distribution effectively translates all available motor torque into a well-directed propeller thrust. 



FAST IN STRAIGHTS AND NIMBLE ON CORNERS - unleash the full potential of your skills. X Power propeller series is specially optimized for performance and agility throughout the full flight envelope. 


Specially designed textured sections on the propeller surface help to evenly distribute and properly handle air flow separation and vortexes, ensuring high performance in any situation.


Faster Spin UP/DOWN thanks to the lower inertia distribution and light weight propeller construction. Further increases agility and improves efficiency with no wasted power.


Manufactured from a high grade engineered glass fiber filled polyamide, the X Power propeller series feature improved durability and stiffness. Special hub design allows firm connection to the motor and prevents propeller slipping.

Mavic Air Stealth Propellers


Mavic Air Stealth Propellers


What sizes X Power Propellers are currently available?

The X Power propeller series is available in 3 blade 11, 12 and 13" diameters. More sizes and various pitch options are currently under development.

Are color options available for the X Power Series

Yes. the X Power Series is currently available in several colors depending on the size of the prop. More colors are coming soon.

How to connect the 6 anti-slip studs on the back of the hub?

The anti-slip studs should fit into corresponding orifices on your motor. Depending on the motor model and manufacturer, some of the studs should be cut before installation. If your motor does not have any such orifices, cut all anti slip studs before installation.

Excellent for X-Class Giant Drone Racing?

The X Power Series is considered the Gold standard for the X-Class racing league.

Can the X Power blade propellers be used on classic airplanes and other aircrafts?

Yes, the X Power propellers are suitable for any aircraft application including VTOL drones or HTOL airplanes as long as the propeller is matched to the correct size motor.

Made in USA?

We are one of the few Model Airplane and Drone manufacturers actually located in the US. Our manufacturing facility is located in Rancho Cordova, California.

What about shipping and delivery?

We aim to have all of our products constantly on stock, ready for immediate dispatch. Shipping is usually performed same or next business day. We work with most carriers including USPS, UPS, Fedex and DHL.  Once a package leaves our factory, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with tracking number.

Mavic Air Stealth Propellers