DJI Mavic Pro & Platinum - STEALTH Premium Upgrade Propeller Sets

DJI Mavic Pro & Platinum - STEALTH Premium Upgrade Propeller Sets

R.Cordova, North California  (Sep 1st, 2018) – Master Airscrew Premium Upgrade Propeller Sets for DJI MAVIC Pro and Platinum just released.

The New product series is designed exclusively for DJI Mavic. Fully compatible with Pro and Platinum, the props are genuine upgrade to the quadcopter, bringing improved performance, noise and efficiency levels.


- Low-Noise - specially designed profile minimizes tip vortices and allows smooth and silent operation. 
- Long-Flight - Efficiency - optimized airflow and geometry distribution provides improved propeller efficiency and flight time.
- Quick-Release - lightning fast and easy installation with color coded propeller hubs.
- Durability - manufactured from a high grade engineered glass fiber polyamide in our factory in California, USA.
- Colors - wide range of colors provides better visibility on the ground and in the air.


Available directly on our online store as well as our extensive worldwide distribution network.






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