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3DR Solo Upgrade Propellers – Approved and Recommended by 3DRobotics

3DR Solo Upgrade Propellers – Approved and Recommended by 3DRobotics

R.Cordova, CA (Aug 25th, 2017) – Master Airscrew Upgrade Propellers for 3DR Solo is the first product series recognized as “3DR Approved” and “3DR Recommended” by 3D Robotics.

We are proud to announce that our Solo multirotor propellers were successfully tested and approved by 3DR as compatible and recommended products to be used for the Solo drone. 

“I'm happy to announce that Master Airscrew's Solo Props are the first to receive our 3DR Recommended designation. We have done extensive testing with them in various flight conditions and they have really impressed us! They are quieter than the stock props. The increased pitch will allow for flying in more aggressive conditions such as higher altitude or hotter weather. As a small bonus, they draw less power so theoretically they can extend flight times (of course this depends on how you fly)!” Vu Tran, VP, Operations, 3DRobotics


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