Mavic Air STEALTH Propellers provide much higher power efficiency and improved performance. To mitigate the noise, they operate at about 20% lower motor RPMs while providing the same output thrust compared to stock propellers. Depending on the Mavic Air unit and firmware version it might be necessary to adjust the drone controller gain settings for optimal performance.

How to change the GAIN settings?

Click the MENU button in top right corner. Then select the first icon - Main Controller Settings. 

Select the Gain sub-menu.

Change values to 80 units for Pitch, Roll, Yaw and Vertical gain. 


Why is this recommended?

Because of the improved efficiency, the Mavic Air STEALTH propellers produce more thrust for a given power input compared to the stock propellers. The gain should be adjusted so the drone controller correctly predicts how much power it will get for a given input.

Does reduced gains influence my flight dynamics?

The Mavic Air STEALTH Propellers produce much more thrust at a given power drain and RPMs compared to the stock propellers, so reduction of the gain settings to 80 would not influence agility or performance.

What problems should I expect if I don't change the settings?

Depending on the particular Mavic Air unit and firmware version, slight oscillation is possible, usually referred to shivering or vibration visible in hover. This behavior is more prominent when battery is fully charged. If you are using any additional equipment as safe guards for example, it is very likely that you don't experience such issue because of the higher take off weight of the drone.

Can those settings damage my drone?

No, the gain adjustments help the flight controller operate correctly. Changing the settings would not have any negative effect on the lifespan of your drone.

I'm getting a motor current error while in Sport mode. What should I do?

Depending on the particular Mavic Air unit and firmware version, when high speed breaking or aggressive maneuver is performed in Sport mode, a Motor Current Error could be triggered. This is due to the improved efficiency of the Mavic Air STEALTH propellers, incorrectly recognized by the drone controller as a potential problem. You can eliminate this error by reducing the gain settings to 80 as explained on this page. 

Still having problem with your STEALTH Propellers?

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