Master Airscrew History


Initially hand crafted, the founder of Windsor Propeller, Fred Jamieson designed and prototyped his first wood propellers back in 1970s. Following his instincts of pilot and knowledge of aerodynamics, he was determined to find the best balance between performance and efficiency for his blades. Carefully carved from wood, Fred used to say:


"I can see the propeller in the block of maple."


Upon retiring from full-scale flying and following his passion, Fred founded Windsor Propeller company. He named the company after the town Windsor in California, where he used to live. During that time, manufacturing a propeller was an extremely slow process. Many operations were involved and a lot of them were done only by hand. 


1980 - Glass Fiber Composite Propellers


A major improvement was introduced in 1980, when Windsor Propeller manufactured its first Glass Fiber Nylon propeller. The new production process together with a specially selected composite was a significant breakthrough in the mass production of high quality, precision propellers. The Glass Fiber propellers were unmatchable as strength and performance and allowed significant improvement in design and aerodynamic characteristics.