Master Airscrew STEALTH & ENDURE Upgrade Propellers offer enhanced performance, longer flight time, improved stability and low-noise operation. Unleash the true potential of your Mavic 2. Compatible with all DJI Mavic 2 modifications including Pro, Zoom, Enterprise and Enterprise Advanced.

Low noise, quick-release upgrade propellers providing additional up to 5% of flight time and 2dB of sound power reduction. An excellent upgrade for any Mavic 2 drone providing improved handling, durability, visibility and situational awareness.


High efficiency, quick-release upgrade propellers with an amazing 10% (3.2 Minutes) of additional flight time and 0.5dB reduction in sound signature. A must have upgrade for extended reach and long distance flights.


Extended Flight Time

+5% of flight time

Approximately 1.6 minutes

+10% of flight time

Approximately 3.2 minutes

Low-Noise Quieter Flight

-2 dB

(up to 37% sound power reduction)

-0.5 dB

(up to 10% sound power reduction)

Increased Power Reserve


additional power reserve


additional power reserve


Improved durability

Extra Durable


100% compatible

All Mavic 2 models

100% compatible

All Mavic 2 models

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