3MR Plus+ Series - 3-Blade 7x3.7 Propeller Set x4 Orange

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Long Range 3MR Plus+ Series - 3 Blade Performance 0737 Multi-Rotor Propeller

Set of 4 propellers (2CW and 2CCW)

Specially designed for Long Range FPV applications, the 3MR Plus+ propeller design offers exceptional efficiency and durability, a perfect combination for a long distance BVLOS flights. 3MR Plus+ propellers are manufactured from Polycarbonate for extra strength and durability. 

The set consists of 4 propellers - 2 CW and 2 CCW. 

All 3MR Plus+ Propellers are Factory-Balanced

Propeller diameter 7" / 177.8 mm
Propeller pitch 3.7" / 94 mm
Shaft diameter 5 mm
Hub thickness 8 mm
Propeller Weight
0.22 oz / 6.3 g
Package Weight
1.5 oz / 42 g
Direction of rotation 2x CW and 2x CCW in Set
Material High impact resistant PC
Color Orange