3X Power - 12x11 Propeller (CCW) Orange

3X Power - 12x11 Propeller (CCW) Orange

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3X Series for the Beast Class Racers


3X 3-blade propellers specially developed by and for the X Beast Class Drone racing professionals.

Dedicated to providing the Ultimate Drone Performance, our brand new 12" X Power Series propellers are specially designed for Big Drones and high-performance applications.

The radical new design is focused on exceptional speeds and outstanding track agility during all race stages.

Carefully selected airfoils and profile distribution effectively translate all available motor torque into a well-directed propeller thrust. 

X Power Propeller Series Features:

- Aggressively optimized for speed - High durability
- Low inertia and weight - Textured turbulizing sections for extra performance
- Outstanding agility in both low and high RPMs - Motor lock studs


Available in: Black, Blue, and Orange

Propeller diameter 12" / 305mm
Propeller pitch 11" / 279mm
Hub thickness 0.32" / 8mm
Shaft diameter 0.24" / 6mm **
Propeller Weight 1.48oz / 42g
Direction of rotation Normal / Tractor
Material Glass Fiber R Composite
Color Orange


* prepared for versatile shaft diameters. For more information check the shaft diameter guide here